November NPDs: Microsoft’s Reaction

November NPDs: Microsoft’s Reaction

coronation.jpgWhile it was always going to be tough for Sony to put a good spin on the latest NPD figures, for Microsoft, things were a little easier. The 360 kicked the PS3’s arse, a 360 release topped the software sales charts and two Microsoft first-party titles (Mass Effect & Halo 3) made the top 10. And aside from a failed attempt to gain “victory” for the month by citing “most dollars spent” (sorry MS, we count numbers sold, not dollars spent), that’s exactly what they focused on.

Xbox 360 – Consumers voting with their wallets, Xbox 360 winning this holiday

Fueled by the greatest holiday lineup in video game history, consumers spent more holiday dollars on Xbox 360 consoles, games and accessories than any other platform in the month of November according to NPD.

#1 in Game Sales: Four of the Top Ten Titles are on Xbox 360, compared to three on the Wii and two on the PS3.

Xbox 360 holds the #1 title with “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare” (Activision), selling nearly 1.5 million units on Xbox 360, compared to 444,000 units on the PS3.

#1 in Total Revenue: Xbox 360 leads in total revenue with $763 million compared to $587 million for Wii and $364 million for PS3 according to NPD.

#1 in Game Quality: Xbox 360 delivers the highest-rated games lineup this generation, with 6 out of the top 10 rated games through the end of November according to Metacritic, the world-wide authority in entertainment reviews.


  • Sony does have a lot to brag about. 1.5 million consoles sold last month. The game sales will come. 360 did have a year head start after all…

  • Microsoft really dont like to look at the bigger picture. The PS3 sold as many units worldwide last month as the 360 did yet unlike the 360 the PS3s big games haven’t been released yet. Sony also sold a total of over 1.5m PlayStation consoles of all types in the US last month compared to Microsoft’s total of 770k. Twice as many people in the US last month chose a Sony console over a Microsoft one. Worldwide last month Sony sold a total of 3.9m PlayStation consoles compared to 1.1m Microsoft ones. Sony also sold 14.4m units of console software compared to 10.4m Microsoft units (half of those Halo 3).

    I would love to see Microsoft try and put spin on those figures lol

  • what the hell are you too smoking…did you see the numbers….its microsoft that almost outsold the ps3 last month…lol…ps3 fanboys are the lowest common denominator, thank god i abandoned the playstation after the ps2.

  • Thats kindof a dumb argument though… sony does have three consoles it has to push to get to those numbers while microsoft only has one. The PS2’s days are numbered and though not a failure by any means the PSP is getting its rear kicked by the DS day in and day out. PS3 by itself is in third place of next-gen consoles… thats fact…not spin.

  • As some can argue that Sony has three consoles to MS’s 1, also you must then add that the 360 had a year start on the PS3, it goes both ways.

  • lol you ps3 fan boys make my day so fun> Where on earth did you read that sony sold 3.9 million consoles last month. Sony only sold 466 thousand units in the US. Now with the 1.5 million, those numbers were an estimate of what is supposedly sold WORLD WIDE. Get your fact straight before posting. Its sad when you need to lie just to brag.

  • Yes, the Xbox360 does have a year start at PS3 but that should mean that PS3 should be selling better since the install base is smaller than the Xbox360. That is not the case and I only remember one month since launch were PS3 kicked Xbox360 ass in sales and that was when the price came down.

    Compare install base numbers and Sony will weep.

  • freddie, think about. You are comparing Sony’s PS3, PS2, and PSP numbers to the XBOX 360. That’d be like comparing (back in the day) the XBOX (original) sales plus Windows XP to the PS2.

  • Fanboys make me sick. Stop bickering about who will win and try to spin things. Who cares anyhow?

    It is sad, that people’s live revolve around fighting a war on behalf of Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft UNPAID!!! Go Play Some Games!!!

    Anyhow, I would like to point out that PS3 sales might also be riding on the fact that it is a very attractively priced Blu-Ray player.

  • WOW. It’s funny how delusional PS3 fanboys can be. Seriously… Quit trying to justify your purchase when all the “good PS3 games that haven’t been released… YET” are going to be on the 360 as well.

    If the PS3 is such a great system, why couldn’t they get an online version of Virtua Fighter 5?


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