November NPDs: Sony's Reaction

notpleased.jpgPoor Sony. For all their efforts and good work in getting the PS3's price down, getting the PSP more attractive and getting quality games like Uncharted onto the market, sometimes they just can't catch a break. November was one of those times. Sony's three platforms took up the bottom three places on the hardware charts. The PS3 was again outsold by the PS2. And to add insult to injury, the DS sold more than the PS2, PS3 and PSP combined. If you're Sony, then, how do you put a positive spin on all that? Hint: it's not easy.Sony's statement says that combined PlayStation sales were up 160% from October, that the PS3 saw a 285% spike in sales over the previous month and that their total software revenue for the month was up 128%. They also highlight the fact three PS3 games made the month's top 10 in sales.

Those hardware percentages don't really cover up the fact the PS3 placed dead last. And in November, too, the most important retail month of the year. Nor was highlighting three multiplatform titles, all of whose sales were trounced by comparative performances on the 360 or Wii, probably the best idea. We'd have played up the continued improvement of the PSP rather than the continued pasting the PS3 seems to be getting, but hey, nobody's asking us.


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