NPR Has Good Taste In Games

Picture%2032.pngI've made fun of NPR more than my fair share, but Heather Chaplin recently did an interesting piece regarding the "games that got away." About 7 minutes of radio gives credit to three incredible games we've seen this year: Portal, Everyday Shooter, and Desktop Tower Defense.

It's worth listening to just to hear Jonathan Mak call Everyday Shooter a "celebration of geometric sexuality." And, of course, I don't know that any Kotaku readers have overlooked any of these three games—but in case you have, yeah, it's time to check them out. I just wish that the radio piece said a little less about GLaDOS, since her evolution of character is one of the most fascinating and surprising (yet gloriously inevitable) elements of Portal. Still, hopefully well-written stories like this on NPR help these games sink into the mainstream consciousness as much as they have our own.

Video Games that Got Away [npr]


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