NY Dept. Of Criminal Justice Vid Says Prostitutes Are Super-Hard To Kill

nyvid.jpgThe New York Department of Criminal Justice has thrown together an informative little presentation entitled "Video Games and Children: Virtual Playground vs. Danger Zone". Some of it is actually quite sensible: having a child describe what he does in GTA is a good reminder for parents that no, kids shouldn't be playing GTA. But in trying to get the point across that games are inherently dangerous to children, the presentation in other cases goes a little too far. Oh, did I say a little? Sorry, I meant they go a little bananas.

Soldier of Fortune is mentioned as having gruesomely realistic damage modelling. And it did. Seven years ago. V-Tech Rampage is mentioned as though it was a real game and not a publicity stunt. For some reason they show clips from Australian TV about a kid addicted to WoW. The video also claims Virginia Tech killer Seung Hui Cho was hooked on Counter-Strike, when this is complete fabrication.

Worst/best of all? Towards the conclusion, they list a bunch of sites concerned parents can visit to get more info. One of those is Mothers Against Videogame Addiction and Violence, or MAVAV. Which is a hoax site, whose very existence is to prove quickly and easily misinformation can spread on the internet.


Still, the clip's worth a watch, if only so you can see a small kid say "prostitutes are super-hard to kill".

New York Guv's Game Scare Presentation Cites Hoax Site as "Resource" [GamePolitics]


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