NYC Illustrators Sell Paintings for Wants, Wii


New York City couple, and illustrators, Christine and Justin came up with a rather ingenious way of getting everything they want by painting. Specifically, they paint pictures of the things they want and then sell them for the exact cost of said item (including tax). Then once they sell the painting of, say the Wii, they run out and buy an actual Wii.

The paintings include a number of game-related wants, all fulfilled alas, such as the Wii, a copy of Madden 08 for the Xbox 360, Halo 3 and an extra guitar for Guitar Hero 2.

Pretty cool idea, better still you can submit your own wants to the couple and if they want it too they'll paint the picture and then sell it to you for the price of picking the item up. The trick is to think of something really cool that is cheap and they may want. I submitted a "want" for a picture of my son, which I'd be more than willing to give them for free. See what I did there.

Wants> [via Gaming Steve]


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