NYC Nintendo World Store Is Still Line Central

799516.jpgLook at all these sad, faithful who think that Christmas still isn't ruined because they still might score a Wii. Every morning the Nintendo World Store in New York has hundreds of people line up—many whom are camped out from the night before—all hoping to nab a Wii. I know that we talk about Wii shortages quite a bit and many of you are probably growing sick to death of it all. But take the time to appreciate this as a moment in culture that may never be replicated as long as you live: one year after a consumer electronics' release, the public is still ravenous for the product. Unbelievable.

The Great Wait for the Wii [via gonintendo]


    for the last four weeks I have been fighting with Play-Asia as they sent me a NTSC Wii by mistake, all in all its been quite a struggle getting the damned thing back to them and getting a refund out of them (still waiting a55holes!) I read these articles and wonder how much I could have got for it, if I was of the scalping nature... probably would have been easier to scalp some poor sucker to get my refund...

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