On Beards & Tacos

To: Fahey From: Luke RE:I'm Not Talking To You

Oh, we're so gonna go get tacos. As for Japanese tacos...I don't remember who it was exactly complaining about the lack of good Mexican food in Japan. Sorry. I'd have remembered, but last time I was there, I was so furious at the lack of decent soft, chicken tacos I flew into such a rage the week just kinda passed me by.

As for "manly" beards, here's tip for growing a manly beard, #143: like plants, you have to play music to your beard, at least twice a week, if you want it to see good growth. But nothing soft, or gentle, or dare I say it easy to listen to. Yanni's totally out. It has to be something manly, with big men with big guts, black t-shirts, big guitars and big, big beards. Otherwise all you'll end up with is a wispy little chin-beard, and really, who wants one of those?

Here's what you, Mike & Mark missed while you were off sleeping:

Red Octane get their nails out for a catfight v Harmonix. Activision come up with a plan so Wii GHIII owners can listen to a 20th century audio format. Lost Odyssey impressions paint a bleak picture for the Gooch. Portal's cake is no match for BioShock's bees.


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