One Laptop, One Gameplayer?

LaptopOLPC_b.jpgI'm sure by now most everyone has heard of the one laptop, one child program. Back in 2002 an MIT professor travelling in Cambodia was struck with the idea of getting affordable, durable, low-energy laptops into the hands of every child in the world. To do this he helped found One Laptop per Child, which worked to create a cheap laptop which met those needs.

The XO is that laptop. The XO is hard drive free, has a very low power consuming screen and super powerful Wi-Fi antennas, but the neatest this is the XO's design, which features a "transformer hinge", allows it to function as an educational laptop, and e-reader and even a gaming device. The laptop features what appear to be a D-pad and perhaps a thumbstick of some sort built into the front of the case on either side of the screen, according to the site.

The XO laptop features two sets of four-direction cursor-control keys, built into the display frame. These keys act as game controllers that can be used when the screen is up, or when it's folded down into e-book mode, creating a self-contained game player.

The laptop runs Linux and has some unique interface designs which I'm sure will quickly lead to some game coming out for it. From now until the end of the year the One Laptop, One Child organisation is running a special promotion. For $400 you can donate one laptop to a child in a developing nation and receive one XO for your own child. (Turns out the laptops run about $200 a pop to make.)

Seems like a very neat idea for a holiday gift.

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