Our Annotated Kristmas Kard


On Christmas morning Mark Wilson posted our off-beat, out-of-tune electronic Christmas Card to you our readers. If you missed reading it make sure to check it out here. If you can sing better than we can, and that's more than likely a given, hit the jump for the full lyrics with annotations to the stories that inspired them.

Still Not Banned

This was a great year.
I'm writing a blog now:
It's hard to overstate
Our website's traffic.

Then there was Tub Girl,
Sorry that was so disgusting.
It....wasn't our choice to run.
We prefer LemonParty

But there's no sense crying over every mistake.
We post lots of news and
even more tats and cake.
And the posts they get done.
And you make a bad pun.
For the readers who are
Still not banned.

We're not even angry.
We're being so sincere right now.
Even though Jack broke our heart.
And sued us.
And called us nasty names.
And then called the FBI on us.
But we learned you're quite insane
And were so amused by you.

And Once Sony blackballed us
Then Crecente ditched crime.
And we're doing well but
Sony could use a dime.
So we're glad we got burned
Think of all the things we learned
For the readers who are
Still not banned.

Go ahead and try Wii
Use the strap or buy a new TV
If buying online gaming
Pleases you
Go try an Xbox
That was a joke, Ha Ha, Red Ring.
Anyway these cakes look great
Halo, Pac-Man and Boo

Look at us we've forgotten to mention Gamespot
Kane & Lynch reviewed, Gerstmann got the last shot
I've got many posts to write
There are rumors through the night
For the readers who are
Still not banned
And believe me you're still not banned
You're probably commenting and still not banned.
Just don't say first post and you wont be banned
Don't be douchey and you wont be banned
Love our singing and you wont be banned
wont be banned
still not banned.

Kotau's e-Kard [Kotaku]


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