Over Half Of US 360 Owners Own Halo 3

jchief.jpg Last week, we learned Halo 3 had sold five million copies. Using some simple math (ie looking at that figure compared to global 360 sales), we figured the game had a healthy attach rate. Our math was too simple, and was based on inaccurate presumptions. See, of the five million copies sold, 4.1 million were in the US (whose guns+aliens=cashmoney formula, we forgot, does not apply in Europe). And with around 7.9 million 360s sold in the US, you're looking at an estimated attach rate of 52%. Which is a lot. Those remaining 48%? Obviously just biding their time, waiting for the January sales. Halo 3 Purchased by 52% of Xbox 360 Owners in U.S. [GameDaily]


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