Overlord 1.4 Patch Delivers amBX & Split Screen Co-op

Overlord 1.4 Patch Delivers amBX & Split Screen Co-op

overlord.jpgOverlord was a sleeper hit for Codemasters. Sure, it didn’t score 10/10s or possess people to take off clothes and throw them the game’s direction. But it had some nice RPG elements mixed with minion control, and a flavour all its own.

Codemasters has pumped out a patch for Overlord bringing the game to version 1.4. From the patch notes:

* Split Screen Select the Split Screen option on the Main Menu to start a Split Screen match. You can choose from any of the Slaughter, Pillage and Co-op Survival maps and change Time and Score limit for each. Maps include a new free Survival map called Rocky Race. You must have a second input device to play a Split Screen match. Player 1 will use Keyboard and Mouse and Player 2 will use a Gamepad. Use the “Config” tool to change key and button settings.

* amBX™ OVERLORD PC Patch 1.4 is designed to support the amBX™ PC gaming peripheral. To ensure it is set up correctly: – Run Start Menu -> Programs -> Codemasters -> Overlord -> Config – Select the Video tab – Select “amBX” – Click “Save & Play”

Is this the first game to officially support Phillips’ amBX? I have yet to see any other game declare its affiliation. I believe that split screen on PC is a rare treat as well in this era of online gaming.

Codemasters Downloads: Overlord Patch 1.4 [Codemasters]


  • amBX is already supported on several other games: Quake4 (ID), Supreme Commander (THQ), and also on Toca Race Driver 3 (also Codemasters), Defcon and Broken Sword. Heard that more are coming still this year.
    They also provide software to make the lights work with all existing games. Saw that in Seattle worknig with Bioshock: really cool.

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