Oxfam Says "Give Sheep, Not Wiis" This Holiday Season

sheep_225.jpgIn an (admittedly somewhat successful) attempt to coast on the holiday popularity of the Nintendo Wii, Oxfam America is urging consumers to "Give wool, not Wii" this season. Like fellow non-profit Greenpeace, the international relief organisation is attempting to appeal to consumer guilt, asking Americans in a press release to "put down potentially dangerous Wii remotes", instead devoting that $US 250 (or more) to giving "the gift that keeps on giving: fluffy sheep".

We're almost positive wool enthusiast and Space Giraffe developer Jeff Minter is already on board with this idea. For those who also might be in a worldwide giving mood, purchases of sheep, school uniforms, trees or cans of worms are available at the official Oxfam America store and will go to aid one of 26 developing or in need countries.


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