Oz Game Christmas Bargains

Oz Game Christmas Bargains

cashinpocket.jpgAnthony over at EcoGamer has kindly put together a list of current Australian game bargains especially for Kotaku AU readers.

A great chuck of info to have handy coming into the end stretch of the Christmas buying season. If you haven’t picked up gifts for your game-obsessed friends and family, here’s your chance to save a bit of cash when you do pick yourself off the couch and haul it to the shops.

We love you Anthony, we truly do. Virtual hugs and kisses, in a completely heterosexual and professional way.

Bundles, deals and goodies after the jump.

[EcoGamer, thanks Anthony]

– Call of Duty 4 for Xbox 360 – $69 at Kmart

– Call of Duty 4 for PS3 – $78.84 at Big W

– Assassin’s Creed – $78.84 at Big W

– Mass Effect – $78.84 at Big W

– Project Gotham Racing 4 – $59 at JB Hi-Fi

– Crysis – $78 at JB Hi-Fi

– Unreal Tournament 3 – $79 at JB Hi-Fi

– Uncharted – $79 at JB Hi-Fi

– Wii Zapper & Links Crossbow Training – $44 at JB Hi-Fi

– Super Mario Galaxy – $76.84 at Big W

– Metroid Prime 3 – $69 JB Hi-Fi

– Orange Box – $79 at JB Hi-Fi

– Mario Party 8 – $44 at Big W

– Twilight Princess – $44 at Big W

– Dead Rising $40 at Big W

– The Darkness for PS3 – $59.90 at Kmart

– Viva Pinata Party Animals – $69 at Myer

– Xbox Live 12 Months – $68.84 at Big W

– PS3 console – $598 at Big W

– Xbox 360 Pro bundle (inc Forza 2 & Viva Pinata) – $498 at Big W

– Wii bundle, Wii Play, Nunshuck & Resident Evil 4 – $499 at JB Hi-Fi

– Wii bundle, Wii Play, Nunshuck & Excite Truck, SSX or Super Monkey Ball – $499 at Dick Smith Electronics

– Wii & Metroid Prime 3 or Mario Party 8 – $399 at Dick Smith Power House

– Nintendo DS & Phantom Hourglass – $238 at Harvey Norman

– All original Xbox titles $10 at Dick Smith Electronics


  • Left out

    JB Hi-Fi
    Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (wii) $79

    Kingdom Under Fire: Circle Of Doom (X360) $79
    Virtua Fighter 5 (X360) $79

    those are preety good deals too, JB also have in-store discounts on Eternal Sonata, i think its $89 or $79.

  • To be honest, EB Games dont have much to put in. Most of the good prices seem to vary and arnt in the catalogue for me to conviently go through and list.

    Although they have 50% off C&C3.

  • EB will never make bargain list for new titles…

    Reason: Stocking new titles too cheap = more people buying new games instead of second hand resold games
    = money to developers and publishers and not to just the retailer chain
    = bad for greedy money hogging retailer.

  • EB near jb hi-fi in pitt st has a lot of deals atm actually finding it a bit cheaper sometimes to buy there I was flabbergasted how did it happen.

  • Yeah def missing the PC loving.

    Don’t forget PC owners, buy the Orange Box on steam for $50 USD to save a bit of cash vis-a-vi the exchange rate.

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