Pachter - Rockstar May Split From Take Two

PAHCTERPUFFS.jpgWedbush Morgan analyst always seems like such a mundane title when dealing with the master of video game precognisance that is Michael Pachter. Speaking with Shacknews, the Pachtman puts forth the possibility that Rockstar Games founders Sam and Dan Houser could very well slip from under Take-Two Interactive's wing once their contracts come up in February 2009, much like Bungie jumped from Microsoft. It all comes down to money.

"I don't think that this is an issue of dissatisfaction with Take-Two; rather, I think it is rational to believe that in the wake of the $US 850 million Pandemic/BioWare deal, high quality developers like Bungie and [Rockstar]North would look to test their market value"

How much do you think a company like Microsoft or Sony would be willing to pay to secure Rockstar's exclusive service? How much would you pay? What if we threw in the magic of Pancake Puffs?

Pachter: GTA Dev Rockstar North May Eventually 'Pull a Bungie,' Split from Take-Two [Shacknews]


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