Pachter Gets His Game On, Talking Shit In Tower Defence

angrypach.jpgMichael Pachter doesn't only gaze into crystal balls. Guy talks a lot of shit! Seems he's hooked on flash game Tower Defence, and is not just wasting his days trying to hit the top of the game's leaderboard, he's slapping velvet gloves in the face of both MTV's Stephen Totilo and Newsweek's N'Gai Croal. Examples follow:

Multiplayer: I wasn't your motivation?

Pachter: No, it's actually your wife I was gunning for.

Mulitplayer: Now have you proselytised this game out to other people? Are you continuing to sow the seeds here?

Pachter: I haven't yet because I want to get a score on there that no one will ever top. Before I invite somebody foolishly like you and N'Gai provoked me into beating your scores. I don't want to do that until I'm certain I have a score that my friends can't beat. .. I'm N'Gai's worst nightmare. He's ruing the day he invited me to that leaderboard.

Oh, he so just brought your wife into it. Kick his arse, Totilo.



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