Pachter: Mass Effect Will Come to PS3

0000000138-L-2b7cb86.jpgMass Effect is Xbox 360 exclusive? Nope, not anymore (though technically, still yes). Analyst Michael Pachter has spoken. And when he speaks, mountains move and plans change.

Trust me, Electronic Arts, when they threw out the 300 million [for Bioware and Pandemic] —that is multiplatform—that is not 360 only...It has to [come to PS3] , I wouldn't be shocked if Mass Effect 1 came to PlayStation 3.

It's tough to believe that any series (save for Halo) would stay Xbox 360 exclusive in the modern industry. But if Bioware is making a trilogy, then the porting would have to be outsourced...which probably isn't impossible for EA.

Bonus Round (video interview) [via PSU]


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