Party Hard With Joel, Crecente and Rock Band

gaidenstylus.JPGJust a reminder that Funde Razor, the annual Child's Play rock-off in Brooklyn and now Denver, kicks off this coming Wednesday night. I should, by then, be totally over my jet-lag.

Door prizes for the Denver event will include tons of gaming schwag (things like the Manhunt 2 straitjacket, the Ninja Gaiden DS stylus and a Zelda hourglass), a copy of Rock Band for the 360 and a life-sized Companion Cube plushie.

The party kicks off here in Denver at The Walnut Room at 6 p.m. and runs through 10 p.m. I'm told a lot of the local development crowd will be there, which is very cool of them. We will, if I have figured out the technical aspects correctly, be playing Rock Band on the stage. If I haven't, we will be trying to get Rock Band to work for most of the evening.

In Brooklyn the event kicks off at 8 p.m. at Barcade and runs through midnight. It sounds like Joel will have Rock Band and might also have Guitar Hero III on hand at his event.

Are any readers planning on coming to the Denver event or hitting up the event in Brooklyn?

Funde Razor


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