Patton Oswalt Calls Spike VGAs "Godawful"

patton_oswalt.jpgComedian Patton Oswalt, who, in addition to lending his voice talents to Pixar's Ratatouille, was responsible for handing out this year's "Most Addictive Game Fueled By Dew" at the Spike Video Game Awards. Shockingly, Halo 3 won that coveted prize. Who would've ever thought it possible? Anyway, Mr. Oswalt had less than kind words for his stint on the Spike VGAs, as he filed it under "Godawful" in his most recent MySpace blog entry. Something tells me Patton won't be invited back after referring to Spike's annual ode to the best in gaming as a "bullshit award show" as the VGAs and its ilk "herd a bunch of confused teens into an aeroplane hangar, assault them with lights and noise and explosions, and get them to yell at nothing."

That same something is also telling me that the regret the comedian seems to be feeling about his "money grubbing" appearance means that he won't shed many tears when producers don't ask for a return in 2008.

Godawful/Thank God [MySpace via GameSetWatch and Looky Touchy]


    Seriously though, it was pretty terrible.
    The level of advertising was completely gratuitous. It felt as if the primary goal of it was a vehicle to direct heavy advertising at their chosen demographic rather than actually award anything.
    Didn't gaming die in the 80s when it just became blatant advertising? its reaching a similar state.

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