Phantasy Star Comes To PSP, Tragically

phantasy_star_psp.jpgThe latest issue of Famitsu Weekly magazine reveals that Sega is planning to bring the Phantasy Star series—whose twenty year anniversary is just weeks away—to the PlayStation Portable. Now for the (potentially) bad news. Phantasy Star Portable won't be a classic return to form as Sega established with the original Sega Master System/Genesis titles. Instead, it will follow in the mould of Phantasy Star Universe, providing a single-player campaign and four player co-operative play over local wireless play.

*sigh* I'm putting my Mogic Cap back in the drawer again, waiting for a proper Phantasy Star V. Hell, I'll even take it on the Nintendo DS, Sega.

Sega Announces Phantasy Star Universe for PSP [1UP]


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