PhysX Cards For $50? (Yes, In Japan)

asus_physx.jpgAgeia's PhysX cards, specialised components that support in-game physics just as a video card supports graphics, haven't really taken the world by storm. Why? My guess is that, among other reasons, it's tough enough for consumers to pony up $US 200 when they need a new graphics card, let alone an extra $US 130-$US 180 on top of that. But in Japan, PhysX will have a chance to address the price barrier. Because Japanese graphics card manufacturer ELSA is going to begin selling PhysX cards for just 6000 yen (or about $US 50).

And when ordering a new computer, checking a $US 50 box rings of "impulse buy" a lot more than a card running three times that price. Seriously, $US 50 in computers is the grocery store checkout equivalent of a Mars bar and an issue of Cosmo. (Which, by the way, makes for a great Friday night if you are short on plans).

PhysX Cards At $50 In Japan [digitalbattle]


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