Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Explores Body Mods

blehdisneypirates.jpgDisney's Pirates of the Caribbean online is the best Disney pirate movie-themed, free to play MMO in the world, and come February 2008 they plan on luring in another 5 or 6 customers with all new character customisation options to make your relatively crappy pirate avatar different from other relatively crappy pirate avatars! Tattoos and piercings join the character customization system, allowing players young and old to live out their deviant lifestyle online with friends without having to take a needle to their bodies. Joining these two new options are more clothing, new hairstyles, and much, much more. Along with the February character creation update,

Disney's also plans to introduce news quests, new challenges, and ship customization later in the year. Head over to www.PiratesOnline.com to experience the freedom of being a ghetto pirate.

New Content For Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Coming In February

Just after the launch of Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Disney Online has already announced new content that will give players the opportunity to give their customised Pirate avatars a whole new look!

In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, players create and customize their own pirate choosing from over a million combinations - from gender, body type, face, and hair, to clothing and names. Adding to the already extensive character creation system, Disney Online will introduce new customization options in February. Just a few of these include:

- Clothing: New pants, hats, coats, and more
- New hairstyles
- Tattoos
- Jewelry: Including earrings, nose rings, necklaces and more

In addition to new character customization features, Disney Online has additional content planned for 2008 including expanding ship customisation, extending quest story lines, and adding more enemies and challenges.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online, developed and published by Disney Online, is rated E10+ and features lower PC and Mac system requirements than most other games in this genre, allowing for easier access to a broader audience of players.

Players can download the game directly and access additional information at the game's Web site, www.PiratesOnline.com. A portion of the game is available for free and players can get unlimited access for a monthly subscription fee.


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