Pirates Steal $US 170K Worth Of Rock Band Stuff

band_of_thieves.jpgGetting your hands (and your good kick pedal foot) on a copy of Rock Band this holiday just got a bit trickier, thanks to some sticky-fingered types. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that a bunch of stinking pirates hijacked a truck in the area of the City of Industry that was transporting a thousand copies of Harmonix and MTV Games multiplayer rhythm hit. That, for the mathematically challenged, is about $US 170,000 worth of gaming goods.

The thieves, if caught, may be hit with kidnapping charges that could warrant a life sentence.

If anyone in the southern California area is approached by a man in a van, offering to sell you a budget priced copy of Rock Band, just be aware that it could be "hot". But if the price is right, grab me one, will you? I need a second guitar.

'Rock Band' a victim of old-school piracy in heist [LA Times]


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