PlayStation Tips For New Owners

ps3andpsptogether.jpgWith a slew of new PlayStation 3 owners joining the growing horde this holiday season, the official PlayStation blog has been posting a series of helpful tips for new PS3 and PSP users to get the best out of their shiny new toys. Yesterday's post drops some details on DLNA-compliance and connecting your PS3 to your home network in order to share movies, music, and images stored on your computer with the console, which is one of the coolest features of the system and one I actually hadn't set up until reading said article this morning *hides*.

Other tips this week have included getting RSS feeds on your PSP, donating CPU cycles via [email protected], and setting up downloads through the PlayStation Store to your PS3 remotely using the PSP. Old news for those so deep into their systems that they can remotely control their car via their handheld, but for those of you to new or too lazy to know better will find a slew of nifty ways your Sony gaming dealies are more than just gaming dealies.

PlayStation Tips #4 - DLNA media server [PlayStation.Blog]


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