Pokemon Christmas Bash... The Album

pokecmasbash.jpgLast night I arrived at my late-grandparents home in south Georgia, a Spanish rancher my grandad designed and had built in the 70s. After unpacking, lighting luminaries and having dinner, I spent an hour working on the old record player, trying to get it to work. Once it was spinning I dug up the old Christmas records we used to listen to when I was a kid. At the top of the dusty pile of 33s were two Christmas records by the Chipmunks. I can't believe my parents let us listen to these things so endlessly during the holidays. They were and are horrid. But I guess that was, in some way, their Christmas present to us.

Thankful Tristan isn't a huge fan of the Chipmunks, though he kinda dug listening to the records last night. Instead he listens to something far worse: Pokemon.

Shortly before our drive from Colorado to Georgia I discovered the Pokemon Christmas Bash album on iTunes and thought it might be fun for him to listen to on the trip... once. Unfortunately, we were forced to listen to the collection of Pokemon-sung, rewritten holiday songs over and over again as we drove through Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and most of Georgia.

The album, which first hit in 2001, includes 13 songs with titles like I''m Giving Santa a Pikachu For Christmas, Nobody Don't Like Christmas (as sung by Meowth in a Bronx accent) and the Christmas Medley. There's even a karaoke version of that last one.

I guess every generation has it's Chipmunks.


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