Pokemon Snap To U.S. VC This Monday

randepokemons.jpgAn alert Kotaku reader named Daniel was for some reason poking around over on Pokemon.com, where he discovered that the most voyeuristic of Pokemon games, Pokemon Snap - released just yesterday in Japan - would be coming to the North American Virtual Console this Monday, December 10th. Rejoice! I immediately got my copy of Snap for the Nintendo 64 in order to take a sexy photo of it for the article, but after I set it down for a moment I came back to find Rande had claimed it for his own, and every time I reached for it those talons would extend, as if daring me to take it from him. So instead I snapped him, which makes this story exactly the sort of snake eating its own tail, infinite mirror thing that gets my head going all dizzy. Anyway, Pokemon.com will have an exclusive wallpaper to mark the event on the 10th, so you'll have an excuse to go visit - unlike Daniel.

Pokemon.com - They Show You Their Pokemans [Nintendo - Thanks Daniel!]


    It's a shame the game isn't ported over to the Wiimote - which would would be perfect for point-and-click photo ops!

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