Power Leveling, Cheaper Than Ever!

factory.jpgDespite my snobby gamer attitude, I really don't have strong convictions regarding power leveling. Maybe it's because I don't care how other people play their games, maybe it's because I avoid MMOs like food containing long brown strands of hair. But for those interested in outsourcing a little leveling up for a game like WoW, prices have dropped massively in the past few years. Boosting a character from level 1-60 ran around $US 350 when such services started, but that price is all the way down to the $US 129 range. Would you prefer a full level 70 character? That's just $US 250.

Why are prices so low? Just like any other industry, businesses are competing for marketshare, driving down prices all while powered by an increasingly skilled workforce. And overseas labor = cheap labor. So, friendly Kotaku readers...have you ever been tempted to let capitalism go to town on your Night Elf Mohawk?

Q&A/Essay: 'Smith Sam' Talks Warcraft Power Leveling History [gamasutra] [image]


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