Pre-Order Haze For Your Bonus Drug Paraphenalia

syringe.jpg Drugs are bad? Don't tell Ubisoft! Not only will the taking of drugs form a cornerstone of upcoming shooter Haze's game design, but they're celebrating the fact with a pre-order offer on their official company store. Buy Haze for the PS3 now and you'll not only get the game shipped to you on day 1 of its release, you'll also get a nifty drug-filled syringe. Which is really a pen, but it looks to all the world like a drug-filled syringe. We recommend it as a classy, sophisticated addition to your office stationary arsenal.
Haze @ Ubisoft Shopping [Ubisoft, thanks OliverFIN!]


    NICE! I've had it pre-ordered since June...does that count? =)

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