Princess Peach Makes Forbes Fictional 15

princesscrying.jpgSpeaking of Women in Gaming, Princess Peach has made the pages of financial magazine and must-have waiting room reading material for any company wishing to be taken seriously Forbes, who recently posted their Fictional 15, which ranks fictional characters in terms of wealth. Peach comes in at number 15, trailing Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, and Ming the Merciless, to name a few. Her net worth is listed at $US 1.3 billion, mainly due to "terms of divorce from hero plumber Mario awarded her a fortune in gold coins." I didn't even know they had been married! Probably one of those Vegas things. The coins start flowing, someone breaks out the fire flower, and the next thing you know - boom! You're waking up next to a guy who smells like Italian food and sewage. Poor Peach. It must give her great comfort knowing she could buy and sell any one of us.

By The Numbers: The Forbes Fictional 15 [ - Thanks Greg's Wife!]


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