Prototype Promo Supremo

protoart.jpgAh, I love PR. They go that extra yard just to make you feel special. Sometimes two or even three yards extra.

As you’ve probably gathered from the picture, there’s an event happening on January 8, 2008 regarding Sierra’s recently announced game Prototype. Sadly, it’s a journo-only thing, but I’ll let you know exactly what I see and hear, unless I’m forced to sign an NDA. In which case, I’ll just allude to things.

It’s okay though, I have mad alluding skills, or so my mum tells me.

If you haven’t heard of Prototype, it’s to be an open-ended game that features a main character adept at parkour and beefed out with superhuman powers. Sounds like Assassin’s Creed meets Crackdown a perfectly original idea to me, so I look forward to checking out what Sierra has to show.


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