PS3 DivX, Blu-Ray 1.1, Voice Changing With 2.10 Tomorrow

voice_changer_EN.jpgOver on the UK PlayStation site they've laid out the details on firmware 2.10, which should be releasing tomorrow according to the date listed with the article. Among the interesting new features is a voice changer, with the power to make you sound like a person using a voice changer with five presets over hi and low tones. Other features include a new music bitmapping process specifically designed for the PS3 to provide enhanced audio playback, support for Blu-ray disc profile 1.1 for picture-in-picture goodness, and the long-awaited support for DivX and WMV playback. DivX playback is limited to non-copyrighted material under 2GB, and DivX 3.11 and earlier encoding is not supported. Unfortunately XviD is still not supported, which means that people with a large number of anime fansubs (not naming any names here) will have to stick to computer viewing for the time being. *sigh* Update Features (ver. 2.10) [PlayStation UK]


    What I want to know is, has someone tried to play an Xvid, or is it just because it's not mentioned that people assume that this won't work?

    I can confirm, XviD files do play fine on the PS3. The PS3 sees them as DivX.

    Since XviD and DivX aren't actual file types, but only codecs that cread MPEG-4 ASP files, both are supported.

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