PS3 DivX Support "Coming Soon"

divxps3.jpgThe 360 now has DivX support. Hurray! As for the PS3, though, well, we know they're working on it, but it's not here yet. Which is a shame, because although I've got both, I'd much rather watch my porn movies home movies on my PS3. Mostly because, when running, my 360 sounds like a large helicopter choking to death. Which is awfully distracting. If you're like me (or just have a PS3 and want in on the action), our cohorts at Gizmodo met with the DivX crew today to talk all things DivX. While there, they asked about the PS3:

...their particular emphasis on saying it was coming soon leads us to believe it's "coming in a week or two" soon, as opposed to "4 months down the road" soon.

So long as the frantic winking coming across the table wasn't actually a come-on by the DivX people, that's some good news.

PS3 DivX Update Coming 'Very Soon' [Gizmodo]


    DIVX support coming soon? We've been hearing that since mid November. With the kids home from school over the Christmas holidays, it sure would be nice if the PS3 had one more feature to keep them amused.

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