PS3 Unreal Tournament III Gets Its First User Created Content

ut3_first_map.jpgThe PlayStation 3 version of Epic Games' Unreal Tournament III has long been crowed about as the first game on Sony's console to support user created content, such as mods and maps. Today, owners of UTIII have their first taste of homebrewed PS3 add-ons, as FileFront presents the game's first player-created map, DM-Shrine, for download. The deathmatch map is designed for 2-6 players and was built by 23 year-old Thomas Browett of Nottingham.

FileFront has the download and installation instructions, which, curiously, point out that removable storage of some sort is required for import. Whether it be compact flash, Memory Stick or simply a USB thumb drive, it seems one can't simply download to the PS3's built-in mass storage via the internet browser. What's up with that?

FileFront Exclusive: First Ever PS3 Unreal Tournament 3 Map [FileFront]


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