PS3 Wins November In Japan

japanps3win.jpgWhile they might have dipped a bit this past week, but you don't have to win every battle to win the war. According to Enterbrain, the PlayStation 3 came out on top in monthly sales over the Wii for the month of November, pushing 183,217 consoles to Nintendo's 159,193. This marks the first time Sony came out on top since the PS3's release last November. Is this an indication that Sony is returning to its former glory in Japan? Analyst Hiroshi Kamide of KBC Securities isn't convinced.

"It's nice to see the system selling much better than six months ago. But is it a sustainable trend? Is it going to really escalate from here? I'm not so sure."

I'm hoping the momentum keeps up. Not to dismiss the popularity of the Wii, but the PS3, despite costs, has turned out to be an extremely reliable system, and with excellent games like Ratchet and Clank and Uncharted coming out this early in the console's life cycle, things can only get better. Feel free to twist this into a 'Kotaku Hates Sony' post in the comments section!

Sony PS3 tops Nintendo Wii in Japan for first time [Reuters via Next Generation]


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