PSHome Integration Coming to Uncharted?

uncharted-drakes-fortune-20070629100034328-000.jpgUncharted: Drake's Fortune, despite being a late bloomer when compared to Sony's other AAA PS3 offerings, seems to be doing its share of defining the console and exciting the masses. (I say that, of course, with no scientific measurements, but only what I've sensed from the internet. So maybe I'm full of it). Regardless, Naughty Dog's Evan Wells is looking to embed the game even deeper within the platform, integrating it with PlayStation Home as much as they can.

We aren't planning any downloadable content for Uncharted...we are planning to take advantage of whatever kind of integration into Home is possible.

How great would it be if your Home avatar opened a door and found himself in the Uncharted jungle? Answer: really great.

Uncharted getting Home support from Sony? [play]


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