PSP Media Manager Now Free To Download

mediamanager.jpgSony's PSP Media Manager is a decent enough piece of software. You click, you drag, you browse, it gets the job done. Only problem is, for some ridiculous reason, you have to pay for it. Stupid! Stupid in the West, at least: Sony have announced that Japanese consumers can now download the software free of charge from their PlayStation Store. Sucky news for us, right? Not even close. Fumble your way through the Japanese install and you'll find the program itself runs in English. Perfect, legible, sweet English. I just installed it, used it, tested it, it all works. You can download it from the link below.

Media Manager For PSP [Japanese PlayStation Store]


    I was so devistated when i found out my mm had expired (i forgot to open it) i LOVE you ty so much :D made my day ( DL LINK :) )

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