psx4all PS Emulator for iPhone Is Almost Complete

snap_033050.jpgiPhone owners will soon have more to look forward to than their standard, day-to-day walking around like they're better than everyone else. Because psx4all, a PlayStation emulator for the iPhone, will be entering beta testing any day now. Promising to play around 75% of PSOne titles, there is definitely some work to be done on the touch controls (as seen in this photo), but from what the developer says, those nasty-looking outlines are quite different than what we'll see in the final product.

Only donors of the developer's last projects will be invited to the early beta, but we'll keep an eye out for the final release so you can spend your time worrying about other things, like "do these shoes look good with this phone, or do I need to burn them immediately?"

[psx4all NEWS]Playstation has arrived on the iPhone and iPod Touch! [via infiniteloop]


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