Pumpkin Soup

To: Crecente
From: Luke

So yesterday, we spent the evening putting up a whole fuckton of Christmas decorations. Tinsel, lights, nativity set, tree, the works. Tonight, we felt like showing it all off, and had some friends over. Know that I love to cook, but that I cook often. Too often. So Mel did the cooking, and cooked a village's worth of pumpkin soup. Proper, homemade pumpkin soup. With sourdough bread, even! It was good. So good, in fact, I think she can do a lot more of the cooking around here from now on...

Here's what you missed while you were dreaming of jojoba and fruit extracts:

Japan gets a Devil May Cry/PS3 bundle.
Canada's Rock Band DLC plays catch-up. Now all we need is a European/Australian release...
Soda wrote us! That awful newspaper took their quotes out of context, so we kissed and made up.
Microsoft wants to sell more 360s in Europe. Presumably to excited teenage girls.
GTAIV gets "unofficially" dated for Europe.


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