Question Time: What’s Your (Caffeinated) Poison?

Question Time: What’s Your (Caffeinated) Poison?

v_bottle.jpgYou guys know that I have a problem when it comes to caffeine. One could say a very serious problem.

Really, I should be dead or, at the very least, comatose.

My choice of energy drink is V. I was under the impression it was manufactured by a New Zealand company, Frucor. Support the mother country and all that.

While it technically is made by Frucor, it hasn’t been NZ-owned for a number of years now. In 2002, it was bought by Group Danone, a French company, and since then all my sparkling dollars have been funnelled to the land of croissants, berets and obnoxious body odour.

I’ve been disappointed by V lately, however, for an entirely different reason that has nothing to do with this deception. The last four bottles I’ve cracked open have all been sans carbonation.

And without the bubbles, the stuff tastes like arse water… if such a potent liquid exists.

Anyway, what’s your favourite caffeinated drink? Red Bull? Buzz Monkey? A syringe of epinephrine? Let us know.


  • There’s these little dodgey looking drinks at the convenient store on William St just down from where I work that look deadly. They’re called ‘Bad Boys’ and are about 30mls in a small plastic bottle with a cap on them. Quick glance shows they’re guarana, etc. your usual suspects but in such a small bottle?! They must be pretty potent…

    I’ll buy some and keep one around for next time you’re in the area Logan! 🙂

  • It’s gotta be Jolt Cola!

    Hadn’t seen the stuff since the mid 90’s, but recently found a supermarket that still sells it. Great stuff.

  • I live off red bull mostly, a little bit of V but I much prefer the red bull 😀

    I want to try bawls but they don’t ship it to Australia from thinkgeek and I don’t know any stores here who sell it 🙁

  • Personally I can’t stand Red Bull. It makes me feel absolutely rotten, like I’m really drowsy but at the same time I’m all wound up.

    Generally if I’m after caffeine I go for RedEye. Classic or Platinum, I prefer Classic. It does tend to be a lot less ubiquitous than V though.

  • It used to be Jolt. Then after collecting a pile of bottles that weighed more than I did, The Red Bull girls walked into work and offered us a fridge full or RedBull (fridge included) which was to be refilled every week for 3 or 4 weeks. That cured my Red Bull craving.

    Now its V if I want a carbonated caffeinated beverage full of sugar or, more generally, coffee brewed on a stove top perculator.

    To think I never used to touch the stuff…

  • Several years back I was drinking a lot of Lift Plus, until I bought one which I assume had way to much Guarana. It tasted horible! It tasted like my mum’s Guarana tablets. Now I only buy Red Bull.

  • Jolt Cola (If I could find it anymore), or the horribly lethal combination of 2 No Doze and a Black V – by rights, I should be dead right now

  • “They will know the taste of defeat, which is just like Red Bull, which is disgusting” Ah RVB said it so well. Mind you there is the interesting concoction called a Green Irish Bull which I had a bunch of on St Patricks day, which was a shot of Vodka, a shot of Blue Curacao and a full can of Red Bull.

    V is my personal poison screwing up my metabolism though. Canned Japanese Pokka Milk Coffee is pretty good for a mild hit.

  • If you really want to push through those all night crunches, 2 NoDoz dissolved in Jolt usually does the trick.

    Another option is instant coffee dissolved in warm Jolt – but that is truly disgusting.

  • I was a fan of V from years ago when I first tried it and realized it tasted like Nerdz. Now adays though, i’m quite happy to stick to Coffee, due to its stronger potency and ease of access.

  • Red Eye is the one of the originals and the best.

    I work at a servo and Mother has completely flopped, haven’t sold a single one and it’s always going out of date in large quantities. Tastes like arse too.

  • V is good, but i prefer Red bull over the two. But my main source of Caffeine comes from coffee. Mainly because i’m a tight ass.

    P.S – Arse water DOES exist. Believe me, it taste worst than it sounds.

  • V for caffeine, when I want caffeine. Normally though I just drink lots and lots of Pepsi Max. No Sugar, but caffeine and carbonation.

  • Unfortunately, I’ve pretty much made myself totally immune to caffiene in all forms I can find. Something to do with my 2 litres + a day of coke stint from oh… 12 to 18? -_-

    One thing I find works is one of those nerd candy ropes(basically a long strip of gummi with nerds all over it) dissolved into some black V or redbull… That gets the job done!

  • I used to drink V, Red bull and to a lesser extent Shot( I think it was called this, it was coffee mixed with the stuff V is made out of). They don’t do anything for anymore though.

    Right now though, I’m drinking Dr Pepper. Even though it has stopped being made in Australia, there’s this American candy store near Town hall in Sydney that sells cans at 3 bucks a pop. It’s so delicious, I seriously don’t know why it never took off here.

  • Burggght. Dr Pepper tasted like reclaimed American sewer water…could have had something to do with it going away.

    Favourite drink for taste and caffeine is B52. It taste great but is hard to find, but my local fruiterer sells it for $2 a can. Its the best Jerry, the best!

  • I do drink V, but for an awesome combination, try mixing V with Bundaberg Rum. I call it the Afterburner, as at band practice, we’d make crazy amounts of these, so we named them after the band itself.

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