Rapper Raps About Video Game Violence To Unknown Effect

lupe_fiasco.jpgHip hop artist(e) Lupe Fiasco just released The Cool to rhyme hungry masses last week, bringing with it an indecipherable rap about violence in the jam "Little Weapon." While most of the song focuses on real-life violence, there is a section on video game violence that contains gems like "B for the bomb, press pause for ya moms, make the room silent, she don't approve of violent games" and "We playful but serious but keep that on mind for online experience" that obviously mean that Fiasco... well, I can't say I really know where he's going with this. Still, to see the subject topically addressed as opposed to, say, the diameter of one's rims is interesting. It's fairly clear that the rapper is at least a casual fan of gaming, as his old Nintendo DS—and is that an in-sleeve NES cart?—grace the cover of his previous effort Food & Liquor.

Lupe Fiasco - "Little Weapon" Talks About Video Game Violence & Real Life [GamerTag Radio]


    Lupe is an excellent hip hop artist and by far has released 2 of the greatest hip-hop records today: "Food and Liquor" "The Cool". If you're sick of all the irrelevant "hoe" "rims" "pimps" crap in Rap & RnB today, check him out. He's hip hop with intelligence and talks about everyday things that are so easy to relate to in metaphors such as the Video game references this article talks about.

    Much luv to ya Lupe

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