Rare Teases Killer Instinct 3 With Christmas Card

ki3_xmas.jpgThe lads at Rare seem to be taking the piss in their new Christmas card, which not only features Viva Piñata stars Hudson Horstachio and Fergy Fudgehog alongside Banjo and Kazooie, but a teaser stocking that reads "KI3". Clearly, it's in reference to the Rare fighting game series Killer Instinct which hasn't seen a release since Killer Instinct Gold hit the Nintendo 64 over ten years ago.

Are Rare hard at work on a third combo-filled fighting game? Not according to them, at least, as of this summer, when Rare responded via its Scribes letters page "Purely out of contractual obligation, no, we're not working on KI3". Despite that dismissal, I'm pretty sure I can make out Cinder in the fire there. Of course, I'm just teasing (as I'm fairly sure Rare is, too).

New Banjo-Kazooie pic for Christmas [CVG]


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