Ready At Dawn Are Totally Sick Of The PSP

ru.jpgThere's no question Ready at Dawn have been one of the PSP's most decorated champions. First Daxter, now God of War...they're good kids. But after so many years spent toiling on Sony's portable, it seems their "other" job (ie porting Okami to the Wii) has given the studio a taste for home consoles. A taste they're finding sweet, and irresistible. RaD's wonderfully-named Ru Weerasuriya:

This team is ready to move onto something pretty big, and we've be planning it for quite a while, and this team needs to show what they're capable of doing on next-gen or current-gen, which ever word you want to call it.

Ru, we like to call it current-gen, but whatever works for you, works for you.

Ready at Dawn Considering Non-Handheld Project [1UP]


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