Realtime Worlds To Talk MMOs at GDC

crimiapb.jpgGDC executive director Jamil Moledina's updated his Director's Cut blog with a bit more news about the upcoming Game Developers Conference, cluing us into to the fact that Dave Jones, of Lemmings, GTA and Crackdown fame, will be spilling some beans about his latest project: An MMO.

Moledina says that all he can tell us is that the audience for Jones' session, "My First MMO", will be in for a real treat. He does go on to say that there is some details out there, some of which can be discovered by reading between the lines of the session description:

As designers look to make the leap from a finely crafted single player experience to a persistent living breathing world with hopefully millions of connected players what would you do to herald your entry into this space? With a rich heritage of creative IP from DMA Design/Realtime Worlds, Dave Jones walks and talks us for the first time through something a little different from the fantasy based RPG's. From the DNA of games like LEMMINGS, GTA & CRACKDOWN you should expect some thinking outside of the box.

I would assume that this will be about APB, the open-world criminals versus cops game that sounds an awful lot like a Crackdown MMO.

Moledina also points out that famed MMO designer Raph Koster will be doing a postmorten of his Metaplace gameplatform community... thingie in his presentation "Metaplace Postmorten: Reinventing MMOs".

Director's Cut: The Biggest Unanswered Question Is . . . [Director's Cut]


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