Red Octane Talking Trash Over Rock Band Guitars

slap.jpgLike any fracas between ex-lovers, the current showdown between former Guitar Hero pillowmates Red Octane (Guitar Hero III) and Harmonix (Rock Band) is an entertaining one. And that's just in the marketplace. When they literally start talking shit at each other, well, it's time to pull up a chair and grab a snack of your choosing. Red Octane's Charles Huang:

I don't think we're too interested in having their guitars work on our game, because they're having a lot of issues with their guitars. From our standpoint, to be quite honest, if you know a competitor's product has issues, there's not a whole lot of motivation to make these problematic controllers work with your game. Why would you want to cause yourself the headache?

He did not go there, did he? Oh, he so just went there.

Guitar, Interrupted [1UP]


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