Reggie On Third-Party Wii Game Quality

threes%20company.jpgWhile Nintendo's own titles have been almost uniformly amazing on the Nintendo Wii, third-party publishers have achieved mixed success, with truly stellar titles (Raving Rabbids, Zack and Wiki) few and far between. In the Nintendo conference call today, NOA President Reggie Fils-Aime details plans to help third-party companies achieve Ninetndo levels of quality.

"On any system you will have a range of quality. Publishers are working extremely hard to take advantage of the Wii and it's unique abilities. Those publishers who do a great job enjoy fantastic sales. As publishers understand how to take advantage of the unique aspects of the remote you will see better and better games. We already have a certification program and publishers need to conform with a number of key aspects to get certified. What we don't do is have some sort of filter for quality, because quality is so subjective. Nintendo is working hand in glove with publishers to share with them our level of expertise with the technology."

My suggestion? Take that big ol' glove and use it to smack down anyone who tries to release another Ninjabread Man. The extent of Nintendo's guidance is anybody's guess at this point, though I am envisioning "Make Wii Games Like Nintendo" seminars popping up around the world.


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