Resistance Party = Old Hollywood

user4.1.jpgIf you long for the days when Fred Astaire and Grace Kelly took to the stage, dancing and singing amongst...dancers and singers...AND you happen to love the PS3 sensation Resistance: Fall of Man, then these photos are for you. Created with the help of 40 volunteers and Resistance's screen-grabbing tool, this is something really special. More pics:user3.1.jpgChampagne fountains are overrated. user1.1.jpgAnd to top if off, there was a special "homage to Burning Man." Ouch. But I have a feeling Master Chief's Spartan armour can handle the Resistance flame war and still manage to sell another bajillion copies before the day is through.



    Wait, you can take screenshots in RFOM? When did that happen? Also, how.

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