Retail Chain Busted Scalping Wiis On eBay

slackers.jpgA CD & games retail chain by the name of, get this, Slackers, has been busted by Ars Technica doing, well, bad things with their WIi allocations. Slackers has twelve stores across Missouri and Illinois, and when a customer walks in and asks for a Wii, they're told "sorry, don't have any". Which is a fib! They do have Wiis, they just keep them out the back and throw them all up on eBay and sell them for $US 400. There's probably nothing illegal about what they're doing, but just because it's legal doesn't mean it's right. Plus, you know, Reggie will not be pleased. Asses may be kicked, and names most likely taken.
Slackers employees explain Wii scalping business [Opposable Thumbs]


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