Retailer Holiday Predictions

crystal_ball_LG.jpg Time for Japanese retailers to look into their crystal ball and see stuff. Stuff like which games and game hardware will sell this holiday season. Japanese game mag even made a top ten list of their predictions of the the hottest products. Let's dive right in and gaze at the future:

1. Wii Fit (Wii) 2. Dragon Quest IV (DS) 3. DS Lite 4. Wii 5. Slim & Lite PSP 6. None (no response) 7. Professor Layton and the Devil's Box (DS) 8. Final Fantasy IV (DS) 9. Game Center CX (DS) 10. Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden (PS2)

Geez, wonder which retailers were BIG WET BLANKETS and refused to make unscientific predictions. Boo-hiss on them!

Japanese Retailers Predict Holiday Sales [1Up][Image]


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