Retailer Survey Says Microsoft Has Best “Attitude”

Retailer Survey Says Microsoft Has Best “Attitude”

bad_attitude.jpgUK outlet MCV chatted it up with retailers to get a frontline perspective on how Console War VII is shaping up. According to their findings, those in the retail space are quite taken with Xbox 360 manufacturer Microsoft. Some 49% of them pegged the Xbox 360 as the winner of the “next generation battle” and a majority of them pointed to Microsoft as having the best “overall quality and attitude” toward retail outlets this year. Making gobs of cash from the Halo 3 launch may very well have helped that, but it’s nice to know they care.

It’s less than exciting news for Sony, however, as UK retailers point to both the PlayStation 3 launch and the performance of the PSP as two of the bigger disappointments of ’07. The biggest? Lack of Wii stock. Is that all you guys care about? Money?

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