RETRO JOY Atari Candleholder

candleholder_400.jpgMost of the time, the world gets the best of us. Where we should stand up to social norms, we quietly sit down, assimilate and eat our honey-baked ham and pretend to like to wear festive sweaters with snowflake detailing. Don't let the guilt of lame tradition get you down this holiday season. Bust out a pair of these RETRO JOY Atari candlestick holders at your next meal.

...and then be surprised as your grandma confesses her Atari 2600 addiction and tells tales of missing phone calls and visits from friends and neighbors because she couldn't pause Pac-Man. Each will run you a hefty $US 100, but if they were any less, everyone would own them.

RETRO JOY candle holder [via retrotogo]


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