Revenge Of Hordak

To: Luke From: McWhertor Re: G.T.T. (Gone To Texas)

Luke! Obviously, you know that Ashcraft is either in the air or packing his Paul Smith scarves for a trip to Texas to hang with the family for a festive holiday. And Crecente, well, I think he's already three sheets to the wind as I've received a few text messages while he's at the Funde Razer. They read "As West" and "Fuck Sa weet" so I think he's in his cups. That just leaves you and me. We can hang out in Campfire all night and talk about He-Man, music that has guitars in it and sneakers.

Or I can go hang out with my girlfriend and eat Thai food. You'll know when I've made my decision. Here's some stuff you didn't miss, as you have eyes like a hawk, but other folks might've.

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